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If fashion photography is one of your passions then you must place the talented duo of photographer Andrey Yakovlev and art director Lili Aleeva on your radar. The Russian creative team, based in Moscow is standing out among a crowded field of artist. This is due in part to their sophisticated art nouveau yet realistic style. Their reference to classical painting eras and artist such as the pre-Raphaelites, Bougureau, Ingres, and Klimt makes for a nostalgic blending of influences and cements their unique approach. Andrey and Lili succeed in combining photography, art and advertising with such a fresh perspective I fell in Read more..

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www.mark The only info one can find about Mark- is that he is the best selling figurative painter in Britain today

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Daniel Sannwald is a German photographer based between London and Munich     Daniel Sannwald editorial credits include such as Dazed & Confused, i-D, 032C, Arena Homme Plus, Pop, V, Garage , Document, Ten Men, Vogue Uk, Vogue Russia and Vogue Homme Japan as well as the monograph Pluto & Charon (2011) “…In one sense his photographs—unpredictable, loaded with sometimes indecipherable or dreamlike symbols and juxtapositions—are unassailable by literal reading or conventional description. In this way his work is not easy, as we are offered no particular pattern to the look or even making of his pictures with which to Read more..

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All photographers/photography lovers -should spend some time on this website: Light is a thing of beauty in that it overcomes darkness” W&N Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones are regarded as two of the industry’s leading artists within image making and film. W&N began their collaboration in 1998 through their shared fascination of the image-making process and the possibilities of combining their photographic art form and digital domains. Their distinctive approach in visual communication and experimentation has resulted in striking and highly original artworks for the worlds of beauty, fashion and music. W&N have created editorial for V Read more..

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It is almost time for us to do another Photo Issue. The last photographic issue hosted the best in SA- here are some of the images we published. Above: Mark Williams     Above: Kevin Mackintosh   Above: David Goldblatt   Above: Joao Silva   Above: Gavin Furlonger       Above:Natasja Maria Fourie   Above: Anthony friend     Above: Shaun Brand Above: Warren van Rensburg Above: Gunter Komnick   Above: Adrain Stern   Above: Obie Obeholzer Above: Merwelene van der Merwe   Above: Jodi Bieber               above: Adrian Stern Above: Justin Polkey Read more..

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Was ist Metaphysik? Is an impressive collection of architectural photo artworks by Italian graphic designer Michele Durazzi. These stunning  images are the result of three-dimensional graphics processing from software to dedicated rendering and post production. They are mainly works of architecture, divided into exterior, interior, close-up views of details”. Essentially this impressive work is storytelling through architectural detail. The title “Was ist Metaphysik?” was borrowed from a philosophical work of Martin Heidegger (1929). Every visual signification in the series is not only into what it visually represents, but also a form of perspective bound to the rest of the collection. Read more..

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I do believe that some people are born too soon. Tina Chow’s light went off in 1992,decades before she could be appreciated. Yes she was a model. Yes she was married to the famous Micheal Chow. Her sister married Talking Heads front man.Warhol painted her. She died too soon, because of one man- and the disease was HIV Aids.  To me, her sense of style was so immaculate- a person who gets minimalism right- is talented indeed. She was followed by Vogue and at all the most fabulous parties- but where her life really mattered was when she contracted HIV Read more..

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  Air France’s new travel cabins take off to Johannesburg!   Air France now offers its customers its new long-haul travel cabins in La Première, Business, Premium Eco and Economy to Johannesburg.   Since 8 March 2016, Air France customers have been able to travel to Johannesburg from Paris-Charles de Gaulle on board a Boeing 777-300 offering optimum travel comfort. The gradual installation of the new cabins on the Boeing 777 enables the company to operate two weekly flights equipped with the brand new La Première, Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins, in addition to the frequencies operated by Airbus Read more..

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The Four Seasons Spa Westcliff, at Johannesburg’s iconic hotel, is launching, for the first time in South Africa a new treatment by Biologique Recherché of Paris – ‘Seconde Peau’ (Second Skin). The Spa’s local skincare range Terres d’Afrique will also present, their certified organic range – and unique collaboration with the Namibian Hima tribe, as seen with their Red Nomads Revitalizing Top to Toe treatment, proving a huge success with guests visiting the full service destination spa. French skincare company Biologique Recherché boasts a strong global following from beauty experts, for their clinical approach to perfect skin. The innovative brand Read more..

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By Gerry Pelser “Where?”  I asked, when my fiancée told me.  I’ve never even heard of the place.  It sounded made up. “Svalbard,” she replied. At this point, Svalbard could be anywhere and anything from a Brazilian soccer stadium to a Chinese water park.  “An island in the arctic circle, north of Norway.” “Wait, you mean to tell me that ‘north of Norway’ is actually a thing?  I mean, isn’t it Norway just about as far north as you can go before meeting Canada on the other side?   Why on earth do you want to go to some godforsaken arctic Read more..