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  The Creative Class | Sølve Sundsbø, Photographer By Rebecca May Johnson 15 January, 2015 Sølve Sundsbø, who learned his craft as Nick Knight’s assistant in the 1990s, has made a name for himself with fantastical images that defy belief. The Creative Class is supported by CLIO Image, an awards show honouring creative excellence in fashion, beauty and retail. Sølve Sundsbø | Photo: Michael Hemy for BoF LONDON, United Kingdom — Sølve Sundsbø considers photography his “calling” and traces his desire to capture fantastical images with a camera back to a moment early in his life. “I was walking home from school Read more..

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Cédric Delsaux, 1974, France, studied literature and cinema in Paris. He started out as a copywriter in the advertising world before he decided to devote all his time into photography in 2002. He does personal work aswell as advertising campaigns for major brands. His series Here to Stay explores the relationship between humans and nature. The series was published as a monograph in 2008. In his series The Dark Lens he combined two worlds, the world of Star Wars and Earth. The post-apocalyptic scenes blur reality with fiction. 1784 is again a series in which reality and fiction, myths and Read more..

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—In the 1970s, under the editorship of Francine Crescent, French Vogue was more free and advanced in the images it published than even Diana Vreeland’s American Vogue. For Vreeland, the important thing was the placing of the image on the page. For Crescent, it was much more about the boldness of the image itself. Vreeland’s skill as an editor was to make women purr with pleasure at what they saw; Crescent’s was to amuse, intrigue and shock them. Both were legitimate ways to make women buy, which is ultimately the purpose of a consumer fashion magazine. It is not by Read more..

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  Arriving in Venice always has that certain magnetic charm to it – a movie set if anything really. But the real magic is that that happens every time, not just first time. Venice, certainly for me, is like visiting a playground where Lady Gaga and Shakespeare have equal footing. From the ridiculous to the sublime – private palazzo dinners, gondola rides with fascinating people and then of course that Aqua Alto that seems to rise more every morning when I leave my hotel to hunt for an espresso macchiato, the same way you should be. I might be on Read more..

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Identical bottles. Individual influences. Chanel Les Exclusifs is a collection of 14 fragrances first created by Ernest Beaux- Mademoiselle Chanel’s exclusive perfume creator to present day by Jacques Polge. Each fragrance reinventing a moment in the life of Gabrielle Chanel’s life. A home, her atelier, her country side walks. 14 unisex fragrances. Which scent inspires you? • Cuir de Russie… An imperial fragrance inspired by old Russia • Coromandel inspired by the exquisite Chinese lacquer screens in Gabrielle Chanel’s rooms • Jersey, a scent of freedom named after the fabric Gabrielle boldly used in her designs • Bel Respiro, fresh Read more..

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I cannot escape from the fact that I struggle with myself. It has always been a difficult question for me: do I know him? Who is he anyway? It’s so alluring, sometimes as if the will of the body would want to swallow me, leaving my thoughts behind, but then comes the soul to pull me back. It’s an eternal battle and a game. Like the gravitational pull of a black hole, when it touches you, something new is born, as if I’m not me anymore, somewhere else, in an unknown place. Bence Bakonyi Photography

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Dossier loves Manuel Irritier photography of the BWM Museum www.manuelirritier.com The BMW Museum. An automobile museum in Munich, located near to the Olympiapark and the factory premises of BMW. Established in 1973, it is famous for its futuristic architecture. Architect: Karl Schwanzer BMW