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I do believe that some people are born too soon. Tina Chow’s light went off in 1992,decades before she could be appreciated. Yes she was a model. Yes she was married to the famous Micheal Chow. Her sister married Talking Heads front man.Warhol painted her. She died too soon, because of one man- and the disease was HIV Aids.  To me, her sense of style was so immaculate- a person who gets minimalism right- is talented indeed. She was followed by Vogue and at all the most fabulous parties- but where her life really mattered was when she contracted HIV Read more..

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  Air France’s new travel cabins take off to Johannesburg!   Air France now offers its customers its new long-haul travel cabins in La Première, Business, Premium Eco and Economy to Johannesburg.   Since 8 March 2016, Air France customers have been able to travel to Johannesburg from Paris-Charles de Gaulle on board a Boeing 777-300 offering optimum travel comfort. The gradual installation of the new cabins on the Boeing 777 enables the company to operate two weekly flights equipped with the brand new La Première, Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins, in addition to the frequencies operated by Airbus Read more..

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The Four Seasons Spa Westcliff, at Johannesburg’s iconic hotel, is launching, for the first time in South Africa a new treatment by Biologique Recherché of Paris – ‘Seconde Peau’ (Second Skin). The Spa’s local skincare range Terres d’Afrique will also present, their certified organic range – and unique collaboration with the Namibian Hima tribe, as seen with their Red Nomads Revitalizing Top to Toe treatment, proving a huge success with guests visiting the full service destination spa. French skincare company Biologique Recherché boasts a strong global following from beauty experts, for their clinical approach to perfect skin. The innovative brand Read more..

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By Gerry Pelser “Where?”  I asked, when my fiancée told me.  I’ve never even heard of the place.  It sounded made up. “Svalbard,” she replied. At this point, Svalbard could be anywhere and anything from a Brazilian soccer stadium to a Chinese water park.  “An island in the arctic circle, north of Norway.” “Wait, you mean to tell me that ‘north of Norway’ is actually a thing?  I mean, isn’t it Norway just about as far north as you can go before meeting Canada on the other side?   Why on earth do you want to go to some godforsaken arctic Read more..

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  Award winning celebrity make-up artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis is launching her debut book Art & Makeup on 17 September, priced at £28. Featuring an exploration of her artistic work with over 200 images, this showcase explores the worlds of art, sculpture, cinema and performance art – referencing Picasso, Warhol, Marie Antoinette, Cleopatra, Mad Men and The Great Gatsby. To complement the imagery of the main part of the book, the second part features step-by-step deconstructions of the techniques used to create some of the looks. There is also an insider’s guide to the industry, featuring tips and quotes from professionals ranging Read more..

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Sometimes I guard my secrets so close to my chest. Not secrets that mean much to others, but something I found when I was young, and then followed, like a perfumed path, to here. Could it already be 30 years? I am not the only one to say that Fabien Baron changed their lives. Many industry insiders say he was the reason they went into design, or fashion. When I was young, Bazaar USA was a frumpish old ladies magazine. The renowned Liz Tilberis took over the editorship in 1992 and design history was made. She employed frenchman Fabien Baron. Read more..

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Skin Renewal introduces the latest non-surgical facelift treatment   Skin Renewal is very excited to introduce the Miracu Threadlift – a non-surgical, no-scar facelift. The treatment, which has been a hot favourite in Europe and the East for a few years now, is now available via Skin Renewal in South Africa.   During the procedure, which only medical doctors are qualified to perform, multi-strand threads are injected deep underneath the surface of the skin, using different lengths of thin acupuncture needles.   The threads are strategically placed, guided by the natural tension lines of the skin. Once placed, they act Read more..

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    Dr Maureen Allem from Skin Renewal, has just bought the blue peel to South Africa. Obagi is a ten week programme- of which only one will require some”home time”. Pigmentation is a chronic skin condition that occurs on the face in the form of brown patches and is a dynamic condition that needs lifelong management. Hormonal pigmentation can be triggered with any change in ones hormonal status, where estrogen levels in the body is increased, for example during pregnancy. Hyper pigmentation is mainly caused by chronic inflammation of the skin caused by acne or dermatitis. UVA rays from Read more..

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My first camera was an Olympus OMD. At 17 i left for Paris to Au Pair, and came back a photographer. So I really wanted to try the new OMD, and see what has transpired in the last 30 years. I am in love again. I do love the fact that the camera has the same classic look, but of course the big question was- how does it translate to shooting in 2015? One short answer: I found it incredible. Here are the details: The OM-D provides image quality, features, and intuitive control that satisfy even top professional photographers, all Read more..